Software Development for Startups


Extensive Startup Program
by Israel IT

Whether you are a small business with a brilliant idea currently born out of your garage or a mature UK startup company, our support program is a perfect solution to suit your growth needs. 

Besides providing dedicated teams of experienced technology professionals we share our knowledge and use the best Israeli software development practices for startups to transform your idea into an actual product as quickly as possible even when each unit of resource is on the account.

Up to 60% savings on general labour costs

Fast and efficient recruitment cycles

Full Human Resources support

Consulting services to help you excel

Partnership benefits

Professional Software Developers
to Rocket Your Startup!

Join Israel IT hub based in Ukraine to grow your software development startup using an outsourcing or outstaffing model. Build a new team from scratch or enhance your existing one, involving additional software engineers, designers, or digital marketing experts with outstanding cost-efficiency for any stage of startup:

offshore team for startups

Initial Project Stage

Market research, financial plan, product development plan, etc

resources and knowledge

Reach MVP Phase

Complete all the required works to deliver product to the market

improve your startup

After-Launch Development

Constant tech support and improvement, promotion and sales

Why Israel IT?

We treat our clients like our partners

Your goals are our goals and our mission is to help you grow in the more efficient way possible.

First Class Recruiting

With us, you get direct access to the Ukranian technology market and a chance to hire top level specialists. 

Full Control

You will have full control of your employees and be able to manage the whole process through easy communication strategies. 

Tech Knowledge Development

Israel IT provides various individual opportunities for professional development within startups, ensuring high loyalty in addition to advanced expertise which is reflected back into your own products. 

Want to learn more?
Feel free to give us a shout out today and someone from our team would be happy to hear you out and learn your hiring requirements!
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