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Whether you are looking to expand your existing IT department or create one from scratch, Israel IT will provide you with the best cost-efficient out-staffing solutions. Let us build a dedicated, remote, offshore software development team, consisted of any level software engineers, Scrum masters and QA specialists to cater for all of your business requirements.

Over 60% Savings on Labour Costs
Complete Transparency of All Costs and Fees
A Quick and Scalable Hiring Process
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Scale Your Business With Us!

We care about the professional level of each our team and work climate in general. Ensuring your dedicated specialists are happy is one of our main priorities. We pride ourselves in creating an inclusive and warm work environment in which employees are excited and motivated to come each day. That is why offshore software development teams by Israel IT are productive, cohesive and constantly growing qualitatively and quantitatively.

  • Top talents to grow your business 
  • Entire recruitment process (A-Z)
  • Substantially lower employer costs
  • Comprehensive human resources packaging for the benefit of your employees
  • Complete logistic management 
  • Highly engaged, loyal and satisfied employees
Team side
  • Individual and professional development plan
  • Quick onboarding
  • Continuous learning and specific training opportunities 
  • Comfortable workplaces 
  • Happy Hours and company events
  • The small thoughts that count
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5 Reasons to Choose IT Outstaffing
Instead of Outsourcing
Assemble Personal Teams

When you provide us with your requirements for your outstaffing IT needs, you will get your own team according to your expectations of structure, proficiency level and budget. 

Full Management Control

Create and assign tasks, set a priority, control execution, manage workflow and so much more – the leverage is in your hands; your team, your rules. 

Flexible Team Size

As a software development outsourcing specialist, we aim to predict overloads and increase your project activity. Expand your team with additional intelligent resources; request, apply, hire.

Optimise Operational Processes

With an offshore software development company, you do not have to worry about the nitty gritty of business. We take care of elements such as accounting, social packages, team building events, professional development opportunities and so much more.

Easy Work Plan Changes

Things change! At Israel IT, we completely understand that your needs may evolve as a project develops. If you need a new feature for your project which wasn’t included in the initial estimation, you are free to add it in at any stage; simply provide instructions and make the desired changes to the plan.

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