6 DevOps Strategic Tech Trends. Role of DevOps

April 9, 2021
Role of DevOps

While 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone due to COVID-19 and most businesses; DevOps has continued to shape software development and delivery processes. This year, the role of DevOps in strategic tech trends has been significant in defining the overall direction of technological advancements.

Understanding what DevOps do is the first step towards incorporating its ideas and concepts into your business model. Also, being abreast of DevOps tech trends keeps you competitive as you can tap into new opportunities before others do. We expect 2021 to be a better year for everyone. Also, here are the top DevOps trends to watch out for this coming year.

Role of DevOps in Strategic Tech Trends

  1. Hyper-automation


Additionally, the role of DevOps in strategic tech trends could not have come at a better time. Also, in the past couple of years, we have seen automation takes the center stage in DevOps in nearly every industry. Moreover, we have witnessed how businesses and developers are adopting artificial intelligence; and machine learning in the day-to-day agile development processes to bolster efficiency.

Also, in 2021 and the second decade of the 21st century, hyper-automation will continue to be the buzzword for developers and big tech companies. By learning what DevOps do to automate and integrate containers and functions into SaaS models, your technical strategic team will take more control of your organizational resources without experiencing many obstacles.

  1. Cloud and Microservice Architectures

As the role of DevOps teams continues to evolve; the tech industry will continue to see a surge in the adoption of cloud computing architectures. Also, more tools and operations delivered as software-as-a-service. New cloud and microservice architectures are emerging as IT professionals and operations teams try to find ways to plan. Also, version control, automate, test, and deploy cloud and native systems.

We are seeing tremendous growth in cloud architectures for managing growth processes. Also, in 2021 and probably through the course of this decade, we are going to see more SaaS platforms; like Amazon Web Services, Azure, and GCP. Transitioning to the cloud is part of what DevOps do to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and increase visibility across the organization.


3. Kubernetes

The rapid adoption of containers is ongoing but standardization is still a problem for most DevOps teams. The sale of Docker Enterprise is an indication of the changes that are shaping the containerization industry in 2021. Also, the role of DevOps teams amidst these changes is to standardize processes for efficient end-to-end production cycles.

Kubernetes configuration bundle has nearly everything a DevOps IT team requires to facilitate operation, deployment, and expansion of containerized applications. Also, we see that the role of DevOps in strategic tech trends involves standardizing and normalizing the use of Kubernetes in software development and operations.

  1. DevSecOps in the Horizon

Shifting nearly every process and data to the cloud comes with security concerns. What DevOps do to address the security challenges will determine how fast the industry grows in this decade. The increased focus on data privacy and security will see the development of DevOps tools that specifically handle compliance-related issues.

DevOps teams will prioritize security diligence in the decade to minimize losses and breaches that can derail development. Therefore, the role of DevOps will soon include the creation of tools that automates security-related tasks.

  1. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) Pipelines

The demand for more and more DevOps tools is increasing; and for that reason, IT teams will focus more on continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines. The role of DevOps in strategic tech trends is to facilitate native integration, formulate ideal CI/CD pipelines, and promote interoperability.

Continuous integration and delivery assists development and operations teams increase efficiency in app development and undertake seamless rollbacks when problems occur. Part of what DevOps do is ensure CI and CD pipelines are built for efficiency and speed.

The role of DevOps is to ease the delivery cycles and this will be an embedded practice in DevOps teams this decade. The future of DevOps depends on the technical capabilities of various tools used to automate and test app development processes.

  1. Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Edge computing, mostly used in apps like fitness tracker is a distributed architecture that allows applications to respond immediately on the edge of the network where data is created. The role of DevOps will be to design a transformational system that extends cloud operations to on-premises by utilizing IoT and BIG Data.

By focusing on cloud-centric edge solutions, developers will be able to respond quickly to urgent development needs and address scaling issues in real-time. In this process, the role of DevOps in strategic tech trends will revolve around introducing edge computing to the app development lifecycle.

If you don’t want to be left behind and be part of the team transforming the future of the tech world, you must keep abreast with these DevOps trends. We understand that most businesses do not have in-house IT teams; therefore, we have chipped in to provide DevOps services. Relying on offshore teams from Israel IT in your business saves you both money and time. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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