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Streamline your software development processes with our advanced expertise and IT infrastructure!


Accelerate Your Business Growth With Our DevOps Services and DevOps Consulting

When you use our DevOps services and our DevOps consulting, you can optimize your business software, enabling you to deliver your products faster to the market and set you on track to leading your business niche.

Israel IT offers DevOps services that keep your data secure, are easily scalable, and are cost-effective. Our services cover Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps and Azure DevOps for Microsoft.

Cost Optimization

Logging & Monitoring

Process Visibility

Security & Compliance


Increase Your Productivity With DevOps

DevOps teams will enable you to increase productivity through agile practices and full integration into your team. They will help you steadily increase the efficiency of your workflows, boosting your overall productivity.

DevOps Maturity Assessment

Do you know exactly where you are in your current development lifecycle? Our DevOps services will help you define your current maturity level so that you can focus on the next stage, eliminating bottlenecks in your processes.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps consulting services will transform the way you manage your IT development, focusing on increasing quality, boosting productivity, and reducing time to market.

Concentrating on these aspects will give you a qualitative approach to fulfilling your customers’ needs.

DevOps for SaaS

Allow Israel IT to improve your SaaS experience using DevOps services.

We can integrate SaaS applications into your business processes, regardless of your business sector, providing you continuous and uninterrupted delivery of your services.

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

Automation gives a strong perception of the power and stability of your business.

Providing automation via the cloud on usage driven by your requirements helps maintain your productivity and maximize your processes’ efficiencies. Israel IT can help you manage your cloud computing more efficiently.

aPaaS - Application platform as a Service

Our experienced DevOps specialists can configure an aPaaS for your product development so that you maintain effective code delivery at the right price and the right speed. We can provide you with the resources and assistance you need, whatever stage of business you are – start-up, small business, or enterprise.

FaaS - Functions as a Service

Using Israel IT’s DevOps specialists to enable FaaS, and you will minimize risk and spiraling expenses.

DevOps Transformation

Our DevOps services, including AWS DevOps and Azure DevOps, will equip you with the tools and practices to boost your productivity and keep a lid on your spending.

Our DevOps teams are highly experienced in outsourcing DevOps Cloud Transformation. You’ll fulfill your business needs and goals through an alignment of your development and operations teams.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Integrating security monitoring with our DevOps services will allow you to achieve robust software development results. You can secure your business with the latest protection and security technologies.

Hire Certified DevOps Engineers to Meet Your Specifications

All of Israel IT’s DevOps engineers are certified, experienced and only use proven applications and tools to meet customer requirements. You will have high-quality engineers delivering high-quality products and projects for your business.¬†

cloud based devops solutions provider

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Hashicorp Terraform Associate

aws certified cloud services

AWS Certified Solution Architect

Implement your great ideas more effectively and at a faster pace than in case of traditional infrastructure management and software development approach. Use highly reliable and efficient DevOps services by Israel IT for both mature businesses and startups.

Why Israel IT?
Our Clients Are Our Partners

When you work with Israel IT, your goals become our goals. Our mission becomes how to help you succeed in your assignment by improving your efficiency and cost-effectiveness. At every stage of our partnership, we will provide you with complete transparency.

Professional Recruiting

Using Israel IT provides you with direct access to the top Ukrainian tech professionals, some of the best in the market.

Maintain Full Control

Working with remote teams does not mean you are dislocated from the process. You will maintain full control of your tech specialists, allowing you to manage the whole process and maintain effective communications.

Professional Development

We can support your team in their professional development. Israel IT provides professional development programs, ensuring that they retain a high level of skill and currency and developing loyalty with your team.

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