What is Custom Software Development

May 7, 2021
What is Custom Software Development

Custom software development involves brainstorming and creating software that meets the needs of a company. Custom apps are designed to meet the needs of specific users, making them different from off-the-shelf systems. Even so, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of each solution. This way, you’ll know what is good for your business.

In most cases, existing software solutions cannot handle the specific needs of your company. These apps are difficult to integrate into your organization’s daily duties. They may also lack the sufficient features and integrations you need to undertake unique tasks.

On the other hand, custom apps enable your employees and customers to use unique features and capabilities. When developing custom tools, you should consider the size of your team and your goals.

Take, for instance, people that want e-commerce solutions. They can choose among platforms such as Shopify, SquareSpace, or Wix. They can as well build their personal platforms. But if they have an in-house IT team, they can use an open-source platform like Magento.

Regardless of your needs, using an existing platform is easier and cheaper. Large corporations can build their own tools. Startups and small businesses can make use of existing platforms.

In this article, we are going to highlight the benefits of custom software for organizations.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

Small and large businesses need affordable and quality software solutions. With the right software, you can make changes as the business grows. These changes increase productivity because your software matches your working practices.

While growth is usually a good thing, businesses can experience issues along the way. Bespoke software is scalable and adapts to the growth of your business. It easily accommodates changes and workloads. Moreover, it saves both time and money and gives you a competitive advantage.

Here are the benefits of building software that addresses the uniqueness of your organization:

1. Integration of Unique Features

Bespoke tools have more features than many shelf solutions. This means that your team can use extra features in the app to complete various tasks. Unique features can increase user experience and productivity. If your business has a need that warrants unique software, then customization becomes a smart course of action.

2. Ultimate Flexibility and Versatility

When customers need some changes to be made, you should be able to execute such changes in a short time. The ability to make changes and improvements at any time gives your business an edge in the market.

Custom apps give you the flexibility you need to introduce new features and remove bugs to improve efficiency. These apps give you a unique mix of features to address your customers’ needs. It enables you to develop easy-to-use apps suitable for your teams and customers.

3. Support and Maintenance

As the project manager, you are in charge of the offshore design and development process. You control a dedicated offshore development team. This gives you the chance to resolve any challenges as they happen, thus eliminating backlogs.

Through the use of agile software in your business, you are in control of all support and maintenance activities. Also, you won’t worry about your software provider discontinuing service or product.

4. Saves Time and Money

While shelf software systems are easy to deploy, in the long run, they can become barriers. Your software provider can also increase subscription rates and change their privacy and data security policies. In short, you have limited control. Thankfully, customized software systems cushion you from these troubles, allowing you to stay on top regarding the performance of your processes.

The long-term productivity and efficiency gains from custom software offset the initial investment costs. With your own software, you don’t pay for unnecessary licenses and pointless features.

5. Smooth Integration with Existing Software Solutions

Custom development brings functions of various departments onto a single platform. These applications enable you to extend the functionality of existing software systems. They also allow you to create features that are familiar to your employees.

This has the potential of improving the efficiency of your teams. Smooth integration of different apps increases usability. This is because most tasks can be completed on one platform.

6. Data Security

When using popular software, you have limited control over data security. The safety of your data depends on the security policies of your provider. Also, popular shelf systems are prime targets for hackers. Cybercriminals are less likely to target custom-built solutions.

Since you have full control of your custom programs, you put in place security protocols and systems suitable for your business. You create permissions and add extra layers of security to protect your data.

7. Better Efficiency and Easy Scalability

Businesses grow and so are their software needs. Custom solutions come in handy whenever you need an extra feature or usage increasing.

Bespoke software solutions are like investments that will pay off soon. You can adapt them to meet the increasing business needs of your business. The good thing is, you can do this without creating efficiency bottlenecks.

As you have seen, with custom software, you are in full control of support and maintenance processes. Such control allows you to maintain consistency in appearance and style.

You can customize your apps for your organization’s needs. This means integrating them with your existing hardware and software. Now, let’s see how you can choose the right custom software development company.

Choosing Custom Software Development Company

With a good custom app, you can increase employee productivity and user engagement. You can also boost customer experience and increase retention rates. It doesn’t matter whether you use IT outsourcing services or develop your software in-house. A reliable software helps you to stay ahead of the competition and increase your organization’s ROI.

Choosing the right developer can be daunting. You need to choose between freelancers and dedicated offshore experts. Here is what you can do to select the right web developers to develop the perfect software for your business:

  • Choose teams with proven experience
  • Go for offshore dedicated software development teams. It enables you to save on cost without losing quality
  • Ask for reviews and check the company’s reviews from reputable sites
  • Understand your project requirements. Then select developers specializing in your industry and niche.
  • Consider referrals from trusted people
  • See portfolios from different companies and compare
  • Understand the technology stack they use as compared to what your project needs

When you’ve selected the team for your project, be active in the development process. You can request MVP software to help you have a feeling of what the final product will look like. Outsourcing IT services can be beneficial than building your product in-house, and often costs less. In fact, 78% of companies consider outsourcing services cheaper and flexible for one-off IT projects.

Israel IT Custom Software Development Solutions

In the software development world, technical expertise and experience are everything. It determines the success of any IT project. Israel IT has been providing offshore IT services for 5+ years through dedicated teams.

We provide the most reliable, affordable, and flexible custom software development services. Our team of software developers will handle your project uniquely.

Our team follows the agile approach while giving your feedback the highest priority. We assist businesses to brainstorm by conducting market research. Additionally, we give technical project planning and prototyping services. Israel IT teams are licensed professionals with expert custom software development knowledge.

Our comprehensive A-Z Solution is a software development program that allows our team to work with you from the first to the last phase. With this solution, we help businesses avoid the hassle of hiring other teams for each stage.

Israel IT provides IT services to all businesses regardless of the size of the business or its location. We have programs for startups besides our outstanding bespoke software solutions. Contact us today to ask for a free quote.

Let us help you build software that offers cost-saving solutions for your business. All the while improving the productivity of employees and efficiency of operations.

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