The Top 4 Major Challenges Created by Adoption of DevOps

October 22, 2020
DevOps Challenges

What is DevOps and How Could it Help me? 

DevOps is a process that encourages collaboration between the operations team and the development team within a company. It helps the company to flow correctly during the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and enables them to be more efficient and effective when rolling out changes. The creation of this relationship is particularly effective if using offshore teams for development. It ensures continuity of the process and a clear target goal throughout. 

However, the creation of a DevOps team to work in sync with each other does come with its challenges. 

The Challenges Created by Adoption of DevOps

1. Getting the Correct Tools

tools for DevOps

The testing of new software is one of the major pillars when rolling out new initiatives. It’s important that the operations team gets what they need to make the company operate correctly and the development team is happy with the tools that they have to make that happen. Bringing in a tool that a DevOps services team is all happy with can sometimes present a challenge, especially if some of your teams are offshore teams. You need to get something that everyone can work with.

2. Implementing New Methods of Working

We all think that what we’ve worked with for years works the best. That’s just because we know it well. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be the best. As times change, your old systems are likely to fail and some people aren’t always as adaptable as others. This is one of the main challenges created by the adoption of DevOps services.

All teams within the company need to learn to remove their old systems when they’re no longer fit for purpose and exchange them with new microservices. It’s often a struggle to find new systems that everyone agrees on. 

3. Training

DevOps training

Agreeing on new tools is one thing. Getting everyone trained to use those new tools can present another challenge. You need to know that all your teams can use the systems to their fullest extent to make the most of them. They also need to meet your security requirements. 

Having exciting new systems can divert your teams away from what’s important: learning how to use them properly. The key is to focus on creating your new DevOps team and get them to work in sync with each other when learning about new systems. Promoting an ‘all in the same boat’ mentality to get everyone to work together will allow them to focus on the things that matter. 

4. Different Skill Sets and Tools

Naturally, your teams will always want to focus on what they know. Using old, legacy systems will always allow people to fall into their comfort zone. Whether your people are developers or operators, they want to use what they’ve always used. 

Unifying a group of people and convincing them that a single tool can work for both areas can be difficult. You’d need to focus on the organization’s needs and not what the people need and that can cause some friction.

DevOps Challenges and Solutions

DevOps challenges and solutions

The 4 challenges created by the adoption of DevOps can be overcome. To get everything to run smoothly you need to focus on:

• Guiding your staff – Clear instructions and good management is the key to success. Lay out exactly what is needed alongside the organizational goals. 

• Gaining their buy-in – Helping the staff to understand the reasons for changes helps get them on board. 

• Collaboration between teams – Better communication helps to increase productivity and improves your visibility of the project.

team collaboration

• Analytics – Collecting and displaying analytics helps you to map out the direction you should be taking.

• Providing a framework – Provide a framework for the tools you need. It’ll help you to automate some of your processes and remove man-made flaws. 


It can be difficult to get your developers and operations staff to work collaboratively towards the same end goal. Creating a team made up of both departments can be difficult at first and create some ‘DevOps Challenges’. That’s why it’s important to get the right people in the right roles to make it all run as smoothly as possible. 

Bringing in an offshore team of developers to use your systems collaboratively with your operations staff can really help you along the way. Israel IT provides excellent collaborative tools and makes the transition from development and operations to DevOps without any of those scary DevOps challenges.

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