Successful Mobile App Development Outsourcing Guide 2021

April 16, 2021
Mobile App Development Outsourcing Guide 2021

The pace at which mobile apps are hitting the market is mind-boggling. Yet, out of the thousands of apps released every year, few meet the expectations of the users. For businesses, mobile apps are essential for streamlining and facilitating various tasks. Because of the unprecedented benefits of mobile applications, businesses are actively developing apps to access the market faster, increase efficiency, bolster sales and improve customer engagement. In the mobile app development outsourcing process, the cost is a significant factor. That is why businesses are beginning to consider outsourcing DevOps services.

In this guide, we provide steps to help you know the basics of outsourcing mobile app development services. The guide debunks myths about outsourcing and allows you to take advantage without trading quality for affordability.

5 Steps to Succeed in Outsourcing App Development

Effective outsourcing strategy involves more than just making a few phone calls and closing the deal with an overseas development agency. Application developers across the world use varying designs and technology to build powerful apps. Here are the steps to help you create a practical outsourcing mobile app development strategy.

1. Prepare an MVP

Here, you prepare the description of your project by listing the features, target audience, a number of users, and app genre. You can get your in-house IT team or hire someone to come up with a prototype of what you’d like your app to look like. Prototypes enable you to get invaluable feedback and adjust your budget and your timelines.

Prototyping allows you to review the functionality and design of the app. This step allows you to test your app before allowing offshore teams to work on it. It enables to note missing features and identify design issues early.

2. Contact Your Offshore Development Team

Well, finding the right app development agency is a challenging task. Here are factors to consider before hiring an offshore company:

  • Industry experience
  • Quality assurance and user reviews
  • Cost
  • Timeframes
  • Technical expertise
  • Data confidentiality and security

Talk with trusted colleagues and industry experts to help you identify potential developers. Once you’ve got a list of developers, check testimonials and compare quotes to choose your desired company.

3. Mitigate Risk

During the outsourcing process, you don’t want development costs to change midway through the project. Establish leverage over the vendor and find the easiest and cheapest way out if the project doesn’t go as expected. Some risks to expect during app development processes include:

  • Developers can literality go mute
  • Delay in-app delivery
  • Low-quality product
  • Poor communication

Nonetheless, if you do your homework well in finding the right developer, you’ll avoid problems with your overseas app development company.

4. Select Service Model

Choosing the right app development team means selecting among project-based, dedicated teams, or outstaffing models. If you want an industry-specific app, the right IT outsourcing company model can mean success or failure. With a dedicated team, you have control over the team selected to develop your app. The Outstaffing model is ideal for companies that desire to integrate specialists into their in-house team. If you hire a trusted vendor, a project-based model can be your ideal choice, as nearly everything is controlled by the development team.

5. Choose Payment Model

You can either opt for a fixed price or a price that is calculated based on the material and time used to develop the app. Fixed cost models are suitable for apps with predetermined technical specifications as well as the scope of work. Where the app is huge and can go through various iterations through the development process, the time payment model is ideal.

When outsourcing IT services, it is difficult to avoid risk. Some unforeseen problems can occur along the way. Whether you run out of funds or the developer is caught up in business-related issues, you need to cushion yourself from possible risks. Let’s see how you can outsource app development services without risks.

How to Outsource Mobile App Development Without Risk

The app development process can be a long and expensive journey for your company if you do not have risk management strategies. Outsourcing an app comes with its risks that your team must be aware of before they begin liaising with the developer.

Being experts in the app development industry, we know how you can handle IT outsourcing with minimal risks. Here is how you can outsource app development projects while mitigating risks.

  • Define Your App Requirements

Knowing what you need is fundamental in establishing your expectations and ensuring that the project manager has all the details for the job. To define your application requirements, analyze the market, your niche, and app users.

Evaluate beforehand the platform you’ll use to launch your app. Usually, choose between native apps, web apps, or hybrid apps. Native apps use both iOS and Android systems, while web apps use browsers. Hybrid apps can work on iOS, Android, and web browsers but may have minimal functionality than native apps.

  • technical requirements

Knowing the technical requirements allows you to know the type of apps you want and the technologies they need. Your technology stack depends on whether you choose native, web, or a hybrid app. To build a multi-platform native app, you need both a Java/Kotlin developer (Android) and a Swift/Objective-C developer (iOS). If you want to sync your app to browsers, you’ll also need a web developer.

The good thing is that most offshore outsourcing agencies have developers specialized in various technology stacks. This enables you to access experienced IT professionals to handle all your app needs from one company. These agencies have full-stack programmers who are ideal for frontend and backend development.

  • Third-Party Integrations

When outsourcing app services, you can avoid the risk of ending with a final product that does not synchronize with most APIs and plugins. Apps that fully integrate with many platforms such as CRM, payment processors, and sales management are essential for efficiency and scalability.

With clear third-party integration requirements, you minimize the risk of compatibility. It ensures that your app is upgradable and can always be tweaked to support new integrations.

  • MVP Features

You need to understand the capabilities of your application at the very beginning. However, cramming up all features at the start can be a bad idea. In your MVP, think of the few but very important features your app shouldn’t miss. When developing a complex app, your vendor may choose to offer you a list of options depending on their experience with similar projects.

  • Set Expectations

Ensure that your project’s goals meet the SMART; (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) criteria. Let the project manager understand your expectations and establish a proper communication channel that enables you to keep the project on track. Always monitor the progress of the offshore dev team. Don’t wait until the last minute to intervene.

Israel IT As Your Reliable Solution

If you want a mix of IT experience, versatility, quality, and affordability, Israel IT is one of the most reliable offshore app developers. The cost to outsource a mobile app development service with Israel IT (Eastern Europe) is lower than you would have in the US. Hourly rates are fair and service quality is sky-high. Whether you need enterprise software development, IoT, Big Data, data security, analytics, or SaaS services, we got you covered.

We provide dedicated offshore teams, meaning that you can get a team that is dedicated to your project. As such, you’ll be able to communicate directly with the project manager and let them know your needs. We also have various programs for healthcare, e-commerce, automotive; other startups that want powerful tools to make their business efficient but lack in-house IT teams.

We have hundreds of testimonials and happy customers from across the world. With the previous clients, we successfully completed over 100 projects. We enjoy five-star reviews on Clutch, which is proof of our outstanding IT services. Contact us today to request your free quote and access dozens of our offshore development services.

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