Bespoke Software Development

April 23, 2021
bespoke software development

Bespoke software development, also known as custom or tailored software, refers to software aimed at the needs and requirements of your company brand and your customer. It matches and fits with the customer’s needs and requirements, is adapted with current working methods, scalable, is easily integrated with other systems, and doesn’t have limitations compared to other off-the-shelf software solutions.

Bespoke software is considered a necessity to meet the complex demands of both business and users. It offers multiple benefits over its off-the-shelf counterparts, not least in customization, security, and scalability. This software is designed to meet your precise needs and meets all your business requirements.

This software is easily adaptable and fits into your current working methods so you don’t need to change to fit the system. It is tailored to each business and is easily integrated with other packaged or bespoke software.

Bespoke software companies offer a wide range of services, including consultancy services, software design, application support, IT and company outsourcing, app development services, bespoke website and computing and so much more. Today, we are going to look at why you should choose bespoke software development and the benefits of using the system for your business.

Why Bespoke Software Development?

Bespoke software is the best choice for your business because, unlike other off-the-shelf packages, it is custom developed for your businesses’ needs. Custom is written to meet your specific needs and offers advantages that the other kind of software doesn’t have.

Bespoke vs. Off-the-shelf Software

bespoke software vs off-the-shelf software

Off-the-shelf software is designed for various businesses. Because of this, you will not find a solution specific to your needs. With this software, you will do most of the things, including installation and importing data yourself. Trying to find a way to configure the software can take you a lot of time, and for those without technical expertise, it is a long and tiresome process.

Although off-the-shelf software is more affordable, it doesn’t include setup, support, or customization of reports. Using this software also means you have to spend a lot of time learning how to configure it to your company’s needs. You will have to work in a field that you do not know of. because this software caters to a wide range of businesses, you might not have a program that suits you specifically and have a lot of functions that go to waste because you will never use them.

Bespoke software, on the other hand, is the best choice for most companies. It costs less, especially if there are many users. You only pay a one-off fee, regardless of the number of users. With bespoke software, you get custom software applications that suit your business and cater to your needs specifically. Because of this, you won’t have functions that go to waste due to not being used, you only get the services that suit you, with changes added if you should need them.

Bespoke software works with you; it works the way you work. Look at it as getting someone to help you in your business, following all your directions, and making your work not only better but even more efficient. It matches your working practices, doesn’t generate a lot of errors, and requires less supervision which leaves you free to focus on your business’ other needs.

This software also gives you control, allowing you to make changes whenever you need them. Because of this, your business will grow, and the software will grow with you. It is also easy to use for even those without a lot of technical prowess and it automates repetitive tasks thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs.

What Projects Can Be Completed by Bespoke Software Developers

Bespoke software works with each client taking into account all the activities involves in their business. The software matches any need the client has for custom software development problems. This system is used by different business owners with different business requirements. Bespoke software developers have different projects that suit all the different business owners.

List of Projects

Some of the Projects Bespoke Software Provides are:

bespoke software development projects

  • Requirement analysis

  • Business analysis

  • Estimations

  • Solution design

  • Planning

  • Quality assurance

  • Documentation

  • Software development

  • Testing

  • User interface design

  • Data migration

  • Reengineering, modernization, refactoring migration, porting, and performance tunings

  • Project management

  • Refactoring

  • Installation/ deployment/ publishing

  • Support and maintenance

Different bespoke software companies offer different projects. For example, bespoke software development in the UK, like the bespoke UK, deal with projects like e-commerce and stock control, API management, and integration, among others.

If your company/business deals with a certain project, you should check the available bespoke development companies and find one that deals with your specific project, therefore, making it easier for you to deal with your projects.

Benefits of Using Our Bespoke Software Development Services

There are many benefits of using custom software development and some of them are:

1. Flexibility and scalability

Custom software solutions change and adapt to your business growth. They accommodate increased workloads, additional integrations, and process changes. The software can scale up or down depending on your needs. This flexibility gives your business room to expand as much as necessary and still meets your business’ needs.

2. Complete ownership

With bespoke software, you don’t share the services with other businesses; you have full control over your solution. Also, you decide what, how, and where you implement the changes and you have all the rights over it. You can share it with multiple employees without additional costs or constant upgrades. You also decide when and if it needs customization or additional features.

3. Control

Since you are the owner of the software, you have full control of your custom-developed solution. You are the one who gets to solve any issues that might arise without depending on outside help. You also have the authority to implement new changes according to your client’s requirements and business growth.

4. Cost

The initial cost is a bit steeper compared to off-the-shelf software. However, the running and maintenance cost of the software makes it worth it. That is because licensing, upgrade and subscription costs don’t apply anymore. You also don’t have to pay more for the setup, customization, and support in this software compared to the off-the-shelf solutions.

5. Integration

A bespoke solution allows you to make all the necessary integrations according to the existing systems and hardware that your business uses. This integration is done from the beginning, making it easy to adapt to the new changes and giving you more to do with your software.

6. Uniqueness

Bespoke software gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses. You are the only one that benefits from the solution as it suits your business needs and requirements. With this software, you will have a unique product that entirely matches your business.

7. Security

Since you have full control over the software and you are the only one who uses it, you are less vulnerable to hackers. Off-the-shelf software is easily exploited by hackers since they can find out its vulnerabilities but a tailor-made solution reduces the chances of these attacks occurring.

Israel IT Bespoke Software Development Services

At Israel IT, we are a software development company that helps you to grow your team and scale up your business. We provide custom development services and top-notch dedicated offshore teams of software developers and creative web designers. We aim to increase your productivity and ensure you are scaling up according to your business’ growth.

Bespoke Services List

1. Startup programs

We offer a support program that can suit your needs, whether you are a small business with a creative idea or a mature startup company. The program includes dedicated teams of experienced technology professionals and we will also share our knowledge and use the best Israeli software development practices for startups that will help transform your idea into an actual product. We also offer consulting services and full human resources support to help bring your dream to fruition.

2. Dedicated offshore teams

We can help you build a dedicated, remote, offshore development team that can help you create your IT team from scratch or help you expand your existing IT department. This team includes different level software engineers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists that cater to all your business requirements. We offer complete transparency of all costs and fees and a quick and scalable hiring process and as our client, you can make over 60 percent savings on labor costs by working with us.

3. A-Z software product development

Sankara, our outsourced software product and development department helps you to finish a project quickly without compromising on quality. The product development stages start from market research and business forecasting, technical project planning, and prototyping, development phase, QA and testing, deployment, legal consulting, promo stage, IT support and maintenance, and end with product improvement.

We take complete responsibility for the product and its success and we will help you from the early stages of preparation all through the live market launch. All you have to do is come up with a worthwhile project and we will help you realize the full potential of your idea.

You can find out more about us and our services by visiting our website today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Signs That My Business Needs Bespoke Software?

If your business is facing: slow response speed to customers, having to enter the same data into multiple software applications, performing tiring manual calculations regularly, or regular manual delivery of information to clients, you should turn to bespoke software. It will make all these tasks easier and save you time.

Why Should I Choose Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software provides a fast, secure, resilient, and supportive system that is made specifically for the business. It also integrates all the systems making data sharing easier. You will also get free reign over your business and its practices.

What Are the Basic Steps in The Creation of a Bespoke Software Application for A Business?

The steps include: analysis of business needs and its objectives, using the analysis results and follow-up discussions to design the software, building the software according to the set milestones, testing the version in the working environment, adjustments if necessary, and finally, delivery of the complete bespoke software with all the necessary documentation.

Will I Own the Software Once I Buy It?

Once you buy the software, it belongs to you. You are the one who decides the changes that need to be made. You can also add to it as your company grows and the requirements change.

What Are the Advantages Of Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software is affordable, caters to your specific needs at all times. It is flexible and can change according to your needs and it can integrate other systems so all your business data is shared within the network.

Can I Transfer My Existing Data to The Bespoke Software?

Yes, you can. You can import existing data to the new software so that you don’t have to do it individually. We provide you with a team that can do this for you, saving you more time.

What Is Cloud-Based Software?

Cloud-based software refers to software that is available through the internet. This means you can access your information wherever you are, even on the go. You can work from anywhere in the world giving you and your team flexibility.

What is MVP?

MVP stands for a Minimum Viable Product. It means the version of a product that has just enough features to reach the project goal and provide feedback.

How Can I Invite My Team to Use Bespoke Software?

One of the ways you can do this is through hosting. Also, with hosting, you upload the website to a server accessible through the internet where your team can view and use the site. You can also share your information with the team with no risks of breaching or hacking.

Is Bespoke Software Safe?

Yes, it is. Bespoke software belongs to the person who owns it. This means that you are the only one with complete access and control. Bespoke software gives you a secure platform for your business without the risk of hackers.
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