A Guide for Successfully Managing Remote Team

February 12, 2021
how to manage a remote team

Essential Tips on How to Work with a Remote Team During Quarantine

Managing remote teams is a daunting task if you consider the negative effects of working from home. Workers are easily distracted, the company culture is greatly affected, and team members can lose focus on the company’s goals. Left on their own, team members can lose track, especially if the team manager doesn’t understand how to manage a remote team.

However, managers who are genuinely interested in keeping the team spirit while managing dispersed teams encourage their members to meet their set targets and maintain the workers’ mental well-being. It takes skills and experience to properly manage teams spread across various jurisdictions.

How to Manage a Remote Team (Offshore Team):

Check-in with Your Team Regularly

It is not enough that you assign tasks to the company’s system. Learning how to work with a remote team involves ensuring that you hold regular online meetings with your workers to understand whether they are having difficulties with the tasks allocated, whether it is too much work for them, and whether they feel underutilized.

When managing remote teams, ensure everyone has their camera switched on Turning on the camera not only sets the members to the mood of the meeting but also helps you to evaluate the non-verbal cues. You can easily tell the stress levels of your team members by their non-verbal communication. How to work with a remote team involves the real-time performance of your workforce.

Be Concerned About Your Remote Team’s Mental Health

Another essential area to consider when thinking about how to manage a remote team is people’s mental health. Team members face a lot of challenges with their families, unresolved childhood trauma among other adversities.

Working side by side with their colleagues provides support to people with such challenges as mentioned above. While managing remote teams, you should fill the gap by constantly evaluating your team members’ mental health.

Assign Group Tasks

offshore team management

The most effective way of how to manage a remote team is by encouraging teamwork. When your colleagues talk to each other, it creates the feel of the office environment. Unfortunately, some of your members will feel as if they are infringing on other members’ personal space if they call or email for only greetings and chit chats. Remote managers who know how to work with a remote team by leveraging their leadership to assign tasks.

When you give assignments that require people to work in groups, members get reasons to call or email each other and can even teach each other how to work with a remote team.

Create Virtual Team-Building Activities

Managing a remote team requires that you come up with ways of strengthening the bond among team members. As such, you should come up with ways of helping your members to come together in a less informal setting.

Here are a few tips on how to manage a remote team virtually:

  • Arrange for a team’s virtual movie night
  • Break the ice during meetings by asking members to talk about their new experiences by working from home
  • A work from home fashion competition won’t be pushing it too far, will it?
  • Share virtual coffees with your team as you chat away about things unrelated to work

Learning how to work with a remote team is more than just sitting and monitoring your teams through your devices. It involves encouraging your teams as you’d encourage them in a physical office.

Let an Experienced IT Outsourcing Company Help You

When you have the right tools to enhance remote work, your challenge of how to manage remote teams becomes easy to handle. Your team members need flawless communication, assignment support, data management among other tools to make remote work easier.

There is nothing better than an experienced remote team that has vast experience working with clients remotely. This is Israel IT offshore dedicated teams! We have successfully completed over 100 projects working remotely. Our company has been in the IT services market for 4 years and we know exactly how to find a compromise when working with a client.

During the execution of your project, you, as a client, have full access to the tools of tracking the current working hours of your team, support of the project manager, meetings, full reporting on the work performed, and officially signed contracts with the deadline. We respect your time and guarantee the quality of the product we develop.

Do you have an idea? Then our teams will implement them, leave a request on the site and a company representative will contact you to discuss further details.

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