8 Common Offshore Software Development Challenges

November 19, 2020
Quality in Offshore Software Development

Offshore software development can present an unprecedented level of new challenges to even the most experienced company. While its advantages make the concept of IT outsourcing very appealing, it is important to be aware of key challenges and obstacles offshore software development may present. Let’s take a look at some of the most common offshore software development challenges and how to manage them.

Offshore Software Development Challenges

  • Hidden Costs

cost of hiring an offshore software development team

One of the key objectives, when outsourcing software development needs, is to save money. Unfortunately, many businesses end up offsetting their savings because of offshore developers lacking relevant knowledge and experience. This can often equate to lower productivity and a waste of resources if your local team needs to spend time fixing additional problems.

  • Poor Quality

Quality in Offshore Software Development

One of the biggest offshore software development challenges is being provided with a substandard finished product. Working with a team you are unfamiliar with can make quality control and management more difficult. In addition, members of the team may be inexperienced and lack the wherewithal to thoroughly fulfill desired objectives.

  • Logistical Problems

A key factor to consider when outsourcing is the time-zone in the desired location. You need to think about the capacity to coordinate deadlines, phone calls and meetings. You should also consider local holidays around the time of any deadline you may have as all of this can impact the quality of the finished product and how easily one team can communicate with another.

  • Language and Cultural Barriers

Being able to adequately function in a multilingual environment is one thing, but being able to thrive and successfully deliver a project to an excellent standard is quite another. Language barriers can make communications difficult and cultural barriers can present obstacles due to varied expectations and preferred communication styles.

  • Expectations and Objectives

When you do not effectively communicate to your offshore team what is expected of them, results can often be hindered and rather chaotic. At the same time, having unrealistic expectations for a new team will not work either. It is important everyone can see eye-to-eye, understand what is expected of them and have a clear idea of how to achieve it. This way, individual and team targets will be reached.

  • Exclusive Code

When you are working with a team of developers, it is important you take active steps to prevent your intellectual property from being shared with other organizations and competitors. As some countries do not enforce non-disclosure agreements and others even prevent them from being enforced, you need to have legal arrangements in place which state you will own the code created.

  • Discipline

With the local team, regular meetings and face-to-face interactions often work well in tracking progress and planning for the future. However, trying to enforce anything remotely similar with an overseas team can be one of the biggest offshore software development challenges. Without similar working hours and in-person interactivity, it can be difficult to create an effective solution to any problems that arise.

  • Competition

With the number of offshore software development teams across the world continuously increasing, it can be hard for the smaller, newer companies to survive. Finding innovative and creative ways to keep high quality companies afloat is more challenging than ever, but is not impossible.

What Is The Solution?

While not every offshore software development project will end in flames, you should still err on the side of caution. Surpassing the above-outlined issues can take a lot of time and careful planning. Working with a company such as Israel IT, you and your team will not have to worry about anticipated problems and unforeseen issues. Providing a task force that is fully equipped to complete the task they have been hired to do, Israel IT will work with you to promptly expand your team and work towards long-term business objectives.

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