5 Steps to Outsource Web Development Safely

May 14, 2021

Outsource web development involves doing what you know best while delegating other tasks to offshore companies. These are tasks that can distract you from core business. Why should you outsource? Well, first it is cheaper than hiring a software development team. Secondly, it saves from hiring project managers, QA testers, programmers, and business analysts. Unless of course, the IT department is a critical component of your company.

As we speak, 60% of companies are relying on offshore app development for fast, flexible, and secure web design and development services. But most people fear the idea of outsourcing IT services. They hold back due to uncertainty. You can overcome this fear and anxiety by following the right outsourcing process. This means teaming up with professional offshore product development teams. When you know that the outsourcing process is safe, you’ll dive in without fear.

Business owners who outsource application development projects safely have nothing to worry about. Entrusting an expert or a company overseas to develop a functional and highly productive tool takes some courage. In this guide, we explain the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing. We then go ahead to highlight the steps you can take to outsource web development services.

Improper communication, security challenges, and cultural differences can ruin an offshore project. Protect yourself from these outsourcing problems by following the steps below.

Simple Steps to Outsource Web Development

steps to outsource web development

Step 1: Align Your Resources with Your Needs

Oftentimes, businesses don’t know what they want when requesting app development services. For instance, a healthcare startup might want holistic software. That’s a tool that integrates with their electronic health recording (HER) tool. But they don’t know what features, widgets, integrations, and capabilities their web app should have.

Whenever you need a web portal, do your research and find similar apps. Spend your time testing and build software around what you’ve learned. If you are confident with the scope of your custom software, now estimate development costs and the time it would take to complete the project. Prepare a software requirements specification (SRS) document that highlights all your requirements.

Step 2: Find the Right Outsourcing Partner

With a thorough SRS at hand, you now need an experienced and professional web developer. Choose a developer with a sparkling portfolio to install your app specifications. You can get the right offshore team by asking for referrals from your trusted friends. You can as well go to offshore company review sites like clutch.co and ask for quotes from your top five companies.

Select the company that meets your budget, timeframe, communication, and teamwork needs. Make your decision based on the quality of the most recent projects from the companies. Don’t ignore red flags and ask questions to clear up issues before signing the contract.

Step 3: Handle Issues as They Happen

Avoiding problems instead of resolving them isn’t a good idea. Issues are likely to catch up with the development process in the future when you don’t act early. They can hobble down the entire outsourcing project, costing you time and money. Let the developers know of your concerns whenever you have concerns. You may not like the coding quality or the frequency of communication. Whatever your concerns, point them out as soon as you notice them.

When signing the contract, agree on the outsourcing model. Be brave and state how you’d like problems to be resolved when they occur. Ensuring that your web project is successful means being part of the process right from the start to the end.

Step 4: Avoid Micromanagement but Control the Development Process

As the project manager or the business owner, work hand in hand with the web developers for successful project delivery. Agree on briefing schedules. Adjust timelines together. Define the best way to communicate while considering the different time zones. And most importantly, avoid micromanagement.

When controlling the process avoid being all over the place. Only communicate and work with the lead developer unless you must brief everyone in the dev team. A dedicated offshore team is essential when your project is large and technical.

Step 5: Focus on Common Goals

It is important to be on the same page with everyone at any phase of the development process. When outsourcing web development projects, ensure that the all team is in the same loop. Ensure you’re focusing on similar business goals and vision.

In most cases, every stage of the project requires different objectives and deliverables. Offshore app development involves moving various parts until the project’s completion. Lack of proper communication and active collaboration can lead to another horror story of lost time and money. So, select the right company with the right technologies. This should be an offshore firm that brings a perfect balance between price and quality.

Making your software outsourcing fail-proof gives you peace of mind. It also ensures you end up with a great tool. Proper coordination minimizes attrition between you and your offshore web development team. From the beginning set everything clear. Let everyone know their roles and keep in mind the time zone difference in your comm strategy.

Best Practices for Web Outsourcing

What can you do to add an extra layer of safety to your offshore web outsourcing project? Besides following the right steps what else can you do? You need to follow certain guidelines that ensure success for outsourced projects.

Consider the following web outsourcing best practices to foster the success of your partnership,

Have a Clear Communication Strategy

According to Project Management Institute (PMI), 33% of projects fail due to ineffective communication. Based on this statistic, it’s reasonable for every business to develop a simple but efficient communication strategy. You can streamline project management by sharing schedules and calendars. Moreover, consider creating practical timelines, and communicating changes when they occur.

Efficient Project Management

Problems such as missed deadlines and miscommunication can slow down web dev outsourcing. Keeping everyone on track involves setting realistic deadlines and monitoring progress daily. Successful outsourcing involves following common project management tasks. It also means reminding the development team of your business goals at every chance you get.

Focus on Partnership

Instead of building a supplier-client relationship, form a partnership. Being partners with your developers and eliminates transactional relationships. In offshore business, outsourcing partners share ideas and brainstorm together. They adjust deadlines and undertake various tasks collaboratively. The partnership is essential when outsourcing IT services for both the project manager and the developer. It allows both partners to use feedback to review the SRS document.

Choose Agile

When offshoring, go for the agile method and management. The agile process provides you with iterative and incremental modules during the development process. The agile manifesto is based on continuous improvement and feedback. As such it ensures fast delivery of quality projects. Through agile, you boost the product development success rate by a great percentage.

How do you know that outsource web development companies are professionals? Well, check for those with the right mix of experience and expertise. Ensure that their success is demonstrable. You can secure your outsourcing process by avoiding these common mistakes:

  • Avoid companies with no websites and no portfolios.
  • Do not accept vendors with many bad reviews. Not even when their discount rates are attractive.
  • Focus on offshore teams specialized in your niche.

By following the offshore app development best practices, you get the chance to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing. Other than price advantage and affordability, outsourcing has various advantages. These benefits include access to skilled developers and hi-tech technologies and increased efficiency.

Israel IT Web Development Services

By partnering with the right outsource web development firm, you safeguard yourself from failure. Top companies give you the assurance that your project will complete successfully. Israel IT provides a myriad of offshore web development services. We serve companies of all sizes ranging from startups to large corporations. Our team has unparalleled expertise and experience in software development.

We understand that quality software is the foundation for future relationships. That is why we have a strict quality assurance process at each phase of the development process. We can manage the project from the start to the end with minimal supervision. Our dedicated teams collaborate and cooperate with clients to ensure product success. As such, we always meet all the project specification requirements.

Moreover, we assist clients to develop the SRS document. We also elaborate on the business contract and explain areas containing technical IT terms. We accommodate various outsourcing models and our default methodology is agile. Unless you need a different approach, Israel IT embraces agile as it leads to quality software.

Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, Israel IT guarantees you the best mobile, web, and desktop app development services. It doesn’t matter if you want a one-time web app project or a continuing partnership. Contact us and request a free quote today.

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