4 Factors That Ensure Quality in Offshore Software Development

November 16, 2020
quality offshore team hiring

When a business begins to outsource their processes, it is a natural concern that the quality of the service provided will decrease. However, quality doesn’t just disappear overnight and outsourcing in itself is not responsible. Instead, elements such as poor communication, resource shortages and insufficient knowledge are the more likely culprits that equate to a substandard job. Let’s take a look at four ways you can ensure quality in IT outsourcing for your business.

Hiring an Offshore Team

hiring an offshore team

From the start of the hiring process, aim to make the job description for the offshore software development positions as extensive as possible. Quality is key and you want your offshore team quality to be consistently outstanding. Including as much detail as possible in the job description will help to target your candidate search more accurately to guarantee the best result.

When it comes to conducting interviews, strive to make your potential candidates feel comfortable throughout the process. Helping candidates to understand what will be expected of them in the role, early in the recruitment process, will help you to see who is best suited to the job. Once all interviews are complete, if you remain unsatisfied with the options you have, go back to your hiring pool. You mustn’t settle for a candidate simply to save time.


As a business, you must have realistic expectations in place for your offshore teams quality. Results will often not be instantaneous as people take time to adjust to their new roles. As an employer, give your new staff time to understand what is expected of them and provide them with a quality management system to achieve both their individual and team targets. People are more likely to achieve targets if they know what they are and how to achieve them.

Introduce your new members of staff to company culture and encourage them to raise any issues before they cause bigger problems. There’s no such thing as a stupid question and it is much easier to resolve smaller issues before they snowball into a more significant problem such as a drop in the level of service provided.


The last thing you want is for your offshore team to feel as though they have been completely cut-off and forgotten. Being in regular contact with the team and utilising them for ongoing projects will help you to improve your overall communication and monitor progress successfully. Like any other type of relationship, the longer you are together the better you will understand each other.

Having the capacity to ensure quality in IT outsourcing comes through investing in your remote offshore team. You want them to feel as though they are part of the business as much as the people sitting in your local offices. Maintain outsourced quality assurance by taking and providing regular feedback to your offshore teams, making sure standards are continuously maintained.


Resources to hire an offshore team

To guarantee the best results, you will need to pay your overseas team more than the minimum wage. Any savings you thought you could make on overseas wages will be completely wiped out if your local team needs to work tirelessly fixing errors made by your outsourced teams. Be open-minded when it comes to expansion too, as the best quality in IT outsourcing will come when employees are not overworked and continuously under crippling pressures. Remember, if you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys.

In Conclusion

Fears of reduced quality services can strongly discourage companies from outsourcing overseas. This means many companies never realise the benefits outsourcing can bring to their business. All it takes is a little planning and with offshore software development from Israel IT, you may even increase the quality of service you provide. Israel IT can help your business to start outsourcing today, with confidence. By taking the time to find the right software partner for your business needs, you can rest assured that your local and offshore teams will work together in harmony to deliver a high-quality service to each one of your customers.

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