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Ways of Development of the Future of Health IT Solutions
05 Mar, 2021
It is an exciting time in healthcare provision, given the remarkable health tech innovations currently happening. The future is even better given that health IT solutions will be a …
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Digital Technology in Healthcare – Adoption of Healthcare Applications In Post-COVID
26 Feb, 2021
Digital technology in healthcare plays a major role in the mitigation of the effects of COVID 19. The technological reinventions and advancements since the 1918 flu give primary ca …
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What is a Managed Cybersecurity Services Provider(MSSP)?
19 Feb, 2021
Cyber-attacks have become a prevalent occurrence since the internet advances every day. And so it is of great importance that any syndicate dealing with delicate data be secure fro …
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A Guide for Successfully Managing Remote Team
12 Feb, 2021
Essential Tips on How to Work with a Remote Team During Quarantine Managing remote teams is a daunting task if you consider the negative effects of working from home. Workers are e …
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The Nexus of Fintech Cybersecurity & Customer Experience
05 Feb, 2021
As a fintech company, you have one job: to keep your clients’ money and valuables safe. But how will you do that if you can’t secure your company’s data? Whether you are an e …
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Top 6 Fintech Opportunities Transforming the Financial Industry Today
29 Jan, 2021
Though the industry is considered to be in the startup stages, fintech challenges and opportunities have ramped up in equal measure especially in the retail banking, mobile money p …
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