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Successful Mobile App Development Outsourcing Guide 2021
16 Apr, 2021
The pace at which mobile apps are hitting the market is mind-boggling. Yet, out of the thousands of apps released every year, few meet the expectations of the users. For businesses …
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6 DevOps Strategic Tech Trends. Role of DevOps
09 Apr, 2021
While 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone due to COVID-19 and most businesses; DevOps has continued to shape software development and delivery processes. This year, the r …
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7 Ways DevOps Can Resolve Technical Debt Issues
02 Apr, 2021
During iterative software development processes, coders might undermine quality in favor of speed. Moreover, if the bugs and other script problems are not resolved immediately, the …
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Useful Insights About Robotic Process Automation
26 Mar, 2021
Businesses have undergone a digital revolution over the past few years to embrace robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the internet of things (AI). Amid th …
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7 Healthcare IT Solutions to Watch Out for in 2021
19 Mar, 2021
While the COVID-19 pandemic has upended progress across various industries, the healthcare sector is among the most hit sectors. Hospitals, research labs, medical equipment manufac …
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Essential Things to Note in Custom Healthcare Software Development
12 Mar, 2021
Healthcare digital solutions are the main force behind cutting-edge healthcare services in developed countries such as the USA and the UK. Consequently, health care systems can onl …
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