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Israel IT big data experts and analysts help businesses understand and interpret Data Analytics tools, utilize outside intelligence before making decisions and help your company with better operational efficiency for better results.


Create software solutions and get ahead of your competitors using advanced big data analytics in various sectors.


Since 2017, ISRAEL IT has been rendering a full range of big data services, including consulting, implementation, support, and big data as a service to help clients benefit from the big data environment.

Our dedicated team of developers has built applications for big companies in healthcare, Aviation technology, Fintech, and many other industries. Our company’s professionals create big data solutions that are user-friendly and research the best tools to do so.

That’s where ISRAEL IT can help. A team of trained data engineers and data scientists build big data architecture design software, platforms for data-driven decision making, and our Hadoop professionals create applications that ensure our clients maximize the data they collect7

Cost Optimisation

Logging & Monitoring

Process Visibility

Security & Compliance


Our Big Data expertise

Unlock the power of big data solutions. Get valuable insights and gain a competitive advantage with advanced analytics.


Architecture design

Analytics tools to develop a framework that serves as a blueprint for big data infrastructures for companies, clearly explaining how the software solutions work.

Cloud-based solutions

Our team of experts uses an Agile cloud platform to deploy data-sensitive applications that powers business analytics to bring significant change in how your company does business and achieves its goals and objectives.

Platforms for data-driven decision-making

Strategic data-driven decision-making using well-researched platforms is made easy by our company’s data experts who are well-versed in the latest technology and trends to ensure your organization achieves its initiatives, goals, and objectives.

Big data managed analytics services

We offer Big data solution infrastructure setup and support. Extraction and management. ML model development and tuning. Predefined and ad hoc reports (within several weeks after our cooperation starts). Big data solution evolution.

Machine learning

Implementation of machine learning algorithms that collect, analyze and integrate data for labeling, segmentation, and data analytics is made easy by our experts to help your company use big data most efficiently.

Proficiency with Hadoop ecosystem

Our Hadoop professionals interpret customer buying behavior, digital content processing, personas data, and clickstream data using Hadoop ecosystem and Hadoop-based applications to help your organization gain maximum benefits from big data.

Big Data solutions that generate value

We leverage data to create value for your company by combining experience in marketing and leading-edge insight. Our company professionals democratize, experiment, contextualize and execute all data insights in a timely manner.

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Why Israel IT?

Solid mathematical background

Our software developers and analysts are highly qualified professionals with a solid mathematical background. They will help your company develop strategies that will substantially lower your costs and maximize your overall profits.

solutions that generate value

Our company professionals democratize, experiment, contextualize and execute all data insights in a timely manner.

Certified data science

We pride ourselves on our highly trained and certified data scientists who are up to date with the latest trends in the industry, and ensure we give our clients the best services.

Certified team dedicated to you

Working with remote teams does not mean you are dislocated from the process. You will maintain full control of your tech specialists, allowing you to manage the whole process and maintain effective communications.

Great Reviews For Our Services

I find Israel IT very professional, accurate in our candidate profile understanding and due to that we have created an amazing team with qualitative human capital.

Sarit Eyal
Head of HR

Working with IsraelIT was one of our best decisions we’ve made as a bootstrap startup, by helping us build our team which in return really grew our product.

Rami Dulman

The skills of our employees, communication, level of service, responsiveness and ongoing relationship with the Israel IT staff has been nothing but exceptional.

Amos Kalai

I enjoy working together with Israel IT, they provide us with a great service, good people to work with and generally a great professional work environment.

Lior Gonen
Founder and CEO

While going through the hiring process I was very impressed by the qualification level of the people they brought to the table, they deliver a great service.

Dan Klipstein
Founder & CEO

This cooperation contributed to our company a large and established team of professionals, also a significant cost reduction in comparison with Israel.

Ohad Betzaig
Founder and CEO
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